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 that rock good special..

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that rock good special.. Empty
PostSubject: that rock good special..   that rock good special.. EmptyMon Jun 13, 2011 6:49 pm

Supra Footwear I and as son pull to begin in the third floor of the dragon altar surrounded in the porch watching the scenery of emperor city walk while, as son in accordance with the appearance of people bird is very cute, then a mountain to blow, I smell the wind has a damp flavor, I looked at the distant horizon, a grey one, and I head sunny and the sky was crystal clear and high. In my knowledge of modern, I judge night there will be a light rain.Although this judgment, but I also don't have to heart, after all, is only a the weather changes, nothing can think.I still took as the son of soft hands, immensely, while watching the scenery as driving in a son with side. As the son of a tight I hug arm put your head on my shoulder chuckle laugh, for a moment let go of my hands leap to jump ran forward, then our hands together again.
buy Supra Skateboard Shoes Looking at, as a son saw the hillside that piece protruding, which is also my rock of that place, she pensioner a finger at the rock excited to say to me: "QinDaGe, quick to see, that rock good special ah."I don't want to destroy this hard-won hamonious scene, also make a pretense of a face of the appearance of excitement said: "yes, yes, it's very special ah." And then turned against son said: "as the son you are the man, so hard rock you can find it."As the son could not conceal a face of satisfied expression, and word to say to me: "yes, this girl is what person ah, is the future can have all people in the world, what not find it."I'm dizzy, I just for her words she so quick to put to use, also like mould decent.
Supra Skytop I say: "yi, day how so HeiNe?"As the son looked at the blue of the sky, and look at my appearance, strange to say: "have no, this day more than blue ah."I not to laugh, and ignored as son, looking at a day side to himself and then say: "be the ground up the ashes!!!!!"My words as son a little confused, or so look, to push my said: "QinDaGe, you how, this have what ash?"I said: "how have no, that is not all let you ash blowing up yet, but you can't see it." Say that finish, I no longer can't help laughing.As the son knew come over, again nasty and shame, and he flailed two hands kept beat my chest, side dozen side dozen said: "QinDaGe you bad, you are bad, you are really necrosis!"
Supra Sneakers See as son this little daughter like a spoiled brat, my heart is not intense jumping up, a share the feeling of love can not help you are grown old, not consciously off his arms around as son tightly embrace in his bosom.As the son in my arms to be not moved, fierce panting noise. With her chest to breathe, and the two a lukewarm soft hills in my chest, my body and a heat up, then the nakedness also happened to rapid change.As the son seems to also feel my body changes, earned back two, found that earn not to take off, then no longer struggle, and looked up at me faint.As the son of little face and I near at hand, looking at her red face, the shame feeling waste the look in the eyes of the mind, I could not help but love, can't help lower the head composer kissed her red lips.
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that rock good special..
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