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 The Wolf woman

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See a huge the white Wolf eyes toward his shining ChuMing didn't bite,Air Jordan Shoes more nasty shout aloud what he has been playing faint.So a daze dizzy, when he opened his eyes that he has not broken temple nearby, a clearing, looking at the moon around the track seems from his faint and not too long.ChuMing wiped eyes, sighed, desire will arise and, just look up frighten of his face no bloodChuMing swallowed, way: "forehead, very sorry, I didn't mean it."Had a long wait, no girls respond, ChuMing immediately scalp at a loss.And waited for a moment, I still have no sound, ChuMing have quick collapse, thought a moment, then to his coat off, the handle and found his hand was still holding girl hand, immediately and again a blush, busy release, and then the hemp, took off his coat on the other side of the head or looking at, one hand will clothes in the girl's body, way: "put them on first."
And a girl or no sound, and ChuMing had to ask a way: "well,retro jordans no, I this head acid."Still the old a no sound, ChuMing some angry, way: "you don't speak I turned to, then I see... well, don't blame me!"Tu behind touched by something, ChuMing turned, immediately face green a red a don't know what to do, this girl seems to completely not wearing, will ChuMing coat wear the bumbling, exposing parts and no fully obscure, XuXuShiShi enchanting very, coupled with the face and comely and clinking, long hair, this scene with the breeze of flying ChuMing speaking wallop is too great, and a real between didn't know what to do, is to stay there.Reinspection girl or deadpans, seem not to because be watched the body and angry, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at a log ChuMing, hands, waving, and seemed very want to catch ChuMing's hands.
ChuMing hesitated for good for a while, finally awake,jordan sneakers but this atmosphere let him almost choked, he stretched out his hand and want to erase head sweat, just a handle is girl with her slender hands clench, this catch really made ChuMing nerve-racking, was about to retract, saw the girl bite down the fierce seems will push his hand to bite as broken.The ChuMing pain, one hand keep call for his effort of the to attempt to separate girl's mouth, but the girl didn't change, always closely biting him.ChuMing shouted: "quick letting go, oh no, fast shut up, I ache died, you at why!"Girls like to understand a general, this ChuMing hand unfastened. ChuMing hurriedly withdraw hand to a closer look, tooth marks a row with a bloody, pain still to unceasingly, rage, but see to that girl is a ChuMing came up, without much think hurriedly hand clasped her whole body bundle, let her could not move.
ChuMing completed a move, feel wrong,Nike air jordans although young but men and women after all different, want to leave it at, don't want to let her go to the girl is very active and bite ChuMing complained to general, forced or will she bundle bellowed embrace.ChuMing wry smile way: "you are so beautiful a girl why bite!"Girls or deadpan didn't talk, but also quiet down.ChuMing breathe a few deep breaths, think this girl very oddness, she can't be dumb? But looking at her have like listening to don't quite understand own say, hey, wait, is she is strange Wolf female things like? Plausible ah, she just unexpectedly want to eat it.ChuMing always I think, think it is necessary to make clear, and girls said: "you understand words? Understand just nodded." Then ChuMing made a nod of appearance.
Chu testified the discourse suddenly feel myself very silly,Cheap Jordan Shoes just wanted to forget about it, but see a girl nodded, this suddenly put ChuMing interest to lift up.ChuMing continued: "that you will talk not?"Girl blinked, and thought for a moment, a spate of small mouth open cherry snorted. This hum the ChuMing fan once, harm of his face and a red, but he still continued: "no, it's not that voice, but said some words."The girls soon shook his head.ChuMing had guessed, wanted to think, and ask a way: "you and this group of Wolf very ripe?"The girls nod.ChuMing saw the rescued twilight, he reached the past touched the girl's head, a pair of love pet appearance, and then said, with a smile: "so, I teach you speak, you this crowd of Wolf shout go how."
Girls seem to want to learn to speak, soon,Jordan Shoes then nodded toward the wolves hum a strange voice, that the wolves see girl so, then one by one the left here.What ChuMing see wolves leave, is happy, and reached the past touched the girl's head, say with smile: "good, I teach you speak, just I also want to know how you are in Wolf woman."Wolf eyes narrowed under, the female also smiles, this a smile and the soul of the three ChuMing fan seven spirit return half, very not easy down abstractions, began to teach up girl talk.So taught an hour, Wolf woman also learn many disannulleth, itself a Wolf woman who will understand mutt, just because the mouth, tongue can't molding audio and cause discourse cannot, plus the Wolf of infarction of rapid change can learning ability, ChuMing has taught when she speaks also slowly learned about her behind things.
A Wolf woman born is a rural couples in her six years old,Air Jordan Shoes with parents after this area by mountain thief killed when a Wolf woman, after wolves away by a Wolf, among wolves, the Wolf psychic magi or wise men did king is also a human, specific how and Wolf dozen between on occasions, Wolf woman is not clear, later king adopted Wolf female Wolf, breeding with the Wolf as a Wolf woman, so how life a year down, Wolf woman will master the Wolf's knowledge. But years later in the day, when a competing for the wolves, Wolf site a Wolf woman was also killed king, although the tongue to hurt by their turf war finally won this party, but also the disastrous loss. The Wolf female later because the problem and have tongue used in Wolf exchanges, Wolf language left the crowd years of her gradually forgotten speak's mouth.
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The Wolf woman
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